Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mommie Monday - Sippy Cups

Hello Friends

Wow, it's Monday again.  Where did the weekend go?
Today is our first Mommie devoted post.  

I'm a new mom of a 17 month old boy and I can use all the advise anyone wants to offer so I thought there might be other mommies out there that would want to share some stories and advice with us.

Today I wanted to talk about sippy cups or should I call them carpet stainers, 
outfit destroyers, car seat stainers, etc, you get the point.  
I've tried every kind I can find in my area and they all still leak.  
These little suckers are expensive and I've been tossing them in the
Recycle bin for months

Here's some that I've tried, do any of them look familiar?

 After months of throwing away sippy cups I finally found a cup that didn't leak.
I was in my local Wal Mart store searching for another miracle cup.  
I decided to look at something that maybe a child would carry in a lunchbox and 
I found this plain, ordinary, unimpressive looking plastic juice box and it only cost $1.47.  
So I thought, why not try it.
I picked up 2 and brought them home knowing full well that I'd be tossing 
them so I wasn't fretting about wasting a couple of dollars.

To my surprise, I washed it and filled it with cranberry grape juice (of course),
Jacobs favorite juice and gave it to him and then waited for the mommie call.

I was truly amazed that this cheap little plastic thing actually worked.
It has a spout that you maneuver, if pulled all the way back and locked
your little one candrink to his hearts content,
 if turned upside down it didn't leak
 (Jacob loves to turn them upside down and watch them drip).
We started taking these little sippers everywhere.  
My bag stays dry now and Jacobs juice gets in his tummy.
Needless to say, I'm very satisfied with this sippy cup. 
 I've since purchased 10 of them and we take them everywhere.  
And for this price if Jacob looses his cup I can pull out another one.

Has anybody else had any issues with sippy cups or do you have one that works great?
Please share your story.  



  1. Wow! That is really cheap! My daughter likes sing the Nuby sippycup. I like it coz it's doesn't spill even if she put it upside down.

  2. Oh I remember the days of purchase all different kinds of sippy cups until we found the right one :))

  3. Reagan is now going through the "I don't want sippy cups" stage. She is now 2 1/2 and has decided she wants regular cups without lids.
    Of course we still need to have them around because she drinks them in the living room.
    The Playtex sippy cups have tended to be the best for us. I have gone through a ton too. They were the easiest to clean and didn't get any mold around the inner plastic parts.

    That's awesome you found something that is perfect!!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  4. I remember dealing with that with Grandboy. It seems like we would try a new sippy cup every week. We finally switched to the Insulated Straw Cups, but those straws were a pain to get back into the lid thing.
    Your juice box sippy cup looks much easier to deal with.