Monday, August 31, 2015

Making Yo-Yos

I've wanted to learn how to make Yo Yos for a long time.  So I started looking for instructions,

Make an entire quilt of yo-yos or add just a few to your project for a touch of texture

What Are Yo-Yos?

A yo-yo is a circle that has the edge turned under and secured with a running stitch. Yo-yos can be added to bags, quilts, wall art, and more. Because they are sewn by hand, yo-yos are great portable sewing projects.

Cut a Circle to Make a Yo-Yo Template
The size of the circle you cut should be approximately twice the size of the circle you want to end up with. You can use anything to make a circle template. Trace around a dish or make a cardboard template.

How to Stitch a Yo-Yo
Fold under 1/4" of fabric. Thread a hand-sewing needle with sturdy, 100% cotton thread and knot the end of it. Take small, evenly spaced running stitches near the folded edge all the way around the circle. Use a running stitch around the edge of the yo-yo—bigger stitches are better than smaller ones because they allow the fabric to gather a little more.

Tighten the Thread
End your stitching just next to the starting point; don't cut the thread. Gently pull the thread end to gather the folded edge until it forms a gathered circle. The right side of the fabric will develop soft pleats as you gather the edge. Take a small stitch to hold the gathers in place, then knot your fabric and cut off the thread end.
Finish the Yo-Yo
When you've completed stitching around the circle, gather it up tightly so there is small hole in the center with no raw edges showing. After gathering, take a backstitch over the knot so that it doesn't pull out. You can press the yo-yo with an iron or you flatten the yo-yo with your hand to give them some shape.
Sew Yo-yos Together
To join yo-yos, place them with gathered fronts together. Using matching thread, whipstitch them together for about 1/2". Make rows of joined yo-yos, then sew together the rows in the same way.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Highest CLIMBer Chair Makeover in Blue & Yellow Toile

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo CLIMBerS_zpscetx9fbf-1.jpg
Chair Makeover in Blue & Yellow Toile 
by Redo It Yourself Inspirations

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Vintage Coffee Tin Succulents by Grace, Grits & Gardening

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo CLIMBerA_zpscayti60v-1.jpg
How To Make Minion Marshmallows by OneLittleProject

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo CLIMBer1_zps03ixrzbl.jpg

Five Ingredient Vegan Stuffed Peppers by Healthy Helper

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo CLIMBerB_zpstmkvf0q3.jpg
Pancakes Banana Foster by Jenn's Random Scraps

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo CLIMBerM_zpseaqx51ue.jpg
30 Things Before I Turn 30 by Rocket Looks


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Salsa, Raw Unakite Gemstone 25 Inch Necklace, Lake Michigan on Pure Copper Bead Chain Unisex Necklace
This sweet little gem stone was a wonderful find in Lake Michigan. It is a small little gemstone that is lightweight and glistening in tomato-orange and jalapeno pepper-green. Copper is a perfect compliment for orange and green and this stone has been dressed accordingly with a pure copper ball bead chain with easy clam clasp. The necklace including stone is 25 inches. The sweet little raw gemstone measures 3/4 inch. Gender-less and gorgeous!
by ShorelineDesigned
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Friday, August 28, 2015

Cherry Quartz Necklace GIVEAWAY

Happy Friday Everyone!!!
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Cherry Quartz
Single Stone Necklace

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Take a look at some of the other available items:

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A beautiful Cherry Quartz pendant -- so pretty with its soft melon color. This one is a puffed square stone and is wrapped at the top. Including the bail it measures approximately 1.5" x 1.2". It hangs from a lovely stainless delicate 18" chain. ($39 ARV).

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party #83

 Wake Up Wednesday "Linky" Party
@ Sew Crafty Angel


We are so excited to have so many amazing bloggers party with us.
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This weeks 
Featured Bloggers

Antique Record Player Cabinet Redo
Re-do It Yourself Inspirations

Phonograph. Gramophone. Record Player.
Antique piece of attitude.
Whatever it was is not anymore.
It was missing the bottom. Completely. No hinges either; so the lid was nailed into the top. Nailed. Really. You can't see it under the onion skin layers. But I found the nails.
No key for the lock. (That would be a luxury; wouldn't it?)
Not only was it painted this pink-red... it contained screws, nails, Christmas light bulbs and... spark plugs... along with a mini straight edge embedded in old dried up oil.
I don't know why.

Garden in a Bowl Soup Chopped
KC the Kitchen Chopper,

Did you know that Soup Chopped are a cost chopping wonder? This Garden in a Bowl Soup Chopped is just that. I had random veggies roaming around my vegetable drawer that needed to be used. My Farm Fresh Box was coming on Friday and I still had a few carrots, a Fennel Bulb, an Onion and a Red Pepper that were crying out for a hearty and Meatless Soup. I can’t wait to see what FF sends me this week!

Bench 8 Graphic
Oh my you guys, I had one of those should've read the instructions first moments. Sitting under a tarp in my back yard was a sweet headboard and footboard that we picked up for a song last year at a thrift store. When DecoArt contacted me about the All About Second Chances Chalky Finish Contest I knew exactly what project I was going to complete for my submission.

Fruit Flies! What Are They? How Do I Get Rid Of Them?
 Ducks 'n a Row

Fruit Flies are small little flies that live on fruit as adult insects, their eggs and larva. Yuck!
Some time ago I told you about my battle with pantry moths.
That was a long ordeal. This fruit fly solution is so much simpler. It will make you happy!

Quebec City – La Vieille Capitale
Kiku Corner

Founded in 1608, Quebec City has a population of just over half a million and is the capital of the province of Quebec. Old Quebec, the oldest neighbourhood in Quebec City and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is surrounded by ramparts. The Citadelle, the oldest military building in Canada and still used by the military, is part of the fortifications that have been designated a National Historic Site of Canada.

Easy Fondant Ghost Cupcakes
One Little Project

I love Halloween treats! I know it’s early to start talking about them, but they are so cute and so creative and just so different from what we do the rest of the year, that I just can’t help myself!

These fondant ghost cupcakes are absolutely adorable and they are SO EASY! I love a cute treat that doesn’t take a lot of effort! Make these with some chocolate covered pretzel pumpkins, some mini donut spiders and some pretzel and cheese string broomsticks and you’d have a pretty awesome spread for a Halloween party!

An organized craft supplies area
Sweet N Tidy

Our craft section in the office room was occupying an Ikea BILLY bookcase in our office room. Last year I wasn't so excellent enough in taking photos and the DIYs were not so perfect from my point of view and now the craft area is a little empty and it has been put in hold for a while as we have a nice toddler running around and when it comes to a jewellery maker craft storage ... This is absolutely dangerous for my toddler.

Updated Fall Mason Jar Vases
Anything & Everything

So there was the Hubs plopped down on the couch, one hand down his pants doing his best Al Bundy impersonation while watching preseason football, When it suddenly occurred to me “Holy crap, it’s almost Fall!”.   And as every blogger knows, you gotta stay ahead of the seasonal curve :).  Only trouble was that… well… I didn’t have any glamorous projects cooked up. With a need to start decorating the house for fall, but nothing lined up,  I decided to revisit one of my favorite projects from last year to see if I could breathe new life into it.  And While you will have to be the judge, I feel pretty darn good about the results. (pop’s collar / drop’s mic) .   All kidding aside, They’re like…. Super cute and junk!  Yay for reboot’s!  Enjoy

Craft Room Makeover Reveal!!!
Craving some creativity

Isn’t that scary?! Now this one takes a lot for me to put out on the internet, but it is absolutely real life. Messy, messy even though that room is actually clean. I just had NO WHERE to put anything. I honestly did most of my crafting on the floor and I bet some of you know how that experience. The opposite wall (not pictured) is my husband’s desk and office space to do what he wants with. Ok, moving on! Are you ready for this??

 Wake Up Wednesday Linky

Link up your funny stories, DIY posts, crafts, decorating, fashion, makeup, health & fitness, recipes, mommy moments -- anything at all, as long as it is family-friendly.  Please visit some other bloggers and make some new friends and say hello to old friends..
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