Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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This weeks 
Featured Bloggers

How to Stay Inspired to Blog

How to Stay Inspired to Blog
If you are a blogger you have most likely had that moment when you opened up a blank  post and that little cursor stairs at you.  The little blinking line taunts you, “write something…anything!” 

Owl Smash Cake (Updated) from Frugal Mom Eh!

Owl Smash Cake

I decided to redo my Owl Smash Cake tutorial with better pictures and fix the mistakes I made the first time.  This Owl Smash Cake really is so easy to make that I just made it again to redo the pictures

Turkey and Brie Grilled Cheese

from Dizzy Busy and Hungry

Turkey and Brie Grilled Cheese | DizzyBusyandHungry.com #grilledcheese #turkey #brie
Grilled cheese is definitely a favorite in my house.  How can you not like toasty, crunchy, cheesy hand-held sammies? I love finding new and delicious ways to make grilled cheese, from varying the type of cheese, to incorporating meats or vegetables, and even adding spreads or other condiments.

quick berry crisp
I make a lot of recipes that call for different pie fillings! Depending on the season they can be hard to find and some are more expensive then others. With berry picking season in full bloom, I thought I would try making my own! I was surprised at how simple it is to make and after adding a little bit of this and that I created this thick, warm, sweet, bursting with fresh blueberries pie filling! With only 6 ingredients this blueberry pie filling was less expensive and made more than store bought. Ready your mason jars and get ready to can some amazing pie filling!

How To Freeze Fresh Farm Eggs

This time of year is just crazy in my neck of the woods. Between everything in the garden ripening at the same time, the chickens laying eggs like it’s going out of style and it being our favorite time to go camping I am BUSY! It is a given that household chores have been pushed to the waist side. I am trying to be ok with that. But canning and preserving foods in a messy house drives me nuts! Ok let’s be honest here, being in a messy house no matter what I am doing drives me nuts!

If you're like me, I hate to look for stuff in my pantry. Not sure if I have it there or not, missing it and purchasing more only to find it again and notice it is out of date. aughhh!!!

My old Dodge pickup is rusting. Trying to restore the rusting parts piece by piece, hoping to keep it in good condition, my handy husband went to his favorite salvage yard in search of a fender. He called me when he found one and said, "I've got a fender and there is an old kitchen step stool seat thing here that is getting thrown out. It's really rough. Is it something you are interested in trying to fix up?"  I said "YES! Please and thank you!"

Look What's New

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing on ebay and I found this cute
gingham pitcher by Crown Burslem.  It is still wearing it's little
 Union Jack sticker which I plan to peel off but thought it would be
 fun in the pic.  I love gingham and can never pass it up.  It was
a bargain too which always seals a deal.

Oreo Cookies Torte.JPG
In Greece, we buy our desserts mainly from pastry shops that carry a variety of sweets mainly influenced by the French and the Italian ones. Of course they sell traditional Greek ones, but the majority of people prefer to buy the ones that are made according to French or Italian standards.

Today I am delighted to present my 1st refashion a real adventure! 
I love jeans and have long wanted to make a very practical bag. Some time ago, a friend gave me a pair of jeans speckled with small beads. So, from a pair of pants were born a bag with wicker handles, a purse and still have leftovers fabric. Frogged, I did some tests, I lined with polka dot fabric, made a sprig of flowers and loved the result! 
And what do you think? 

I hope you have been encouraged to slow down a bit and consider the blessings of life all around you. It's a constant struggle for me to slow down, and I have to remind myself often to refocus my mind.

I hope you have been encouraged to slow down a bit and consider the blessings of life all around you. It's a constant struggle for me to slow down, and I have to remind myself often to refocus my mind. I'm grateful for the opportunity to do that here, and to share it with you. 

We are really blessed in our house to have the space for a playroom. It’s a first floor master bedroom with a bathroom and small walk-in closet. Since we wanted to be on the same floor as Carl, we opted to stay upstairs. The only problem with our playroom is it is completely bare (except for the billions tons of toys). 

Laptop and iPad Messenger Bag by Gina's Craft Corner (pattern by Sew Sweetness)

Yes, it is another Kennedy Bag!  I just love this pattern by Sarah Lawson from Sew Sweetness.  It is actually a free pattern she offers, so check it out!  I always feel so satisfied when I am finished with one of these bags.  The buckles still frustrate me a bit, but it is all worth it! 

Photo Chore Chart
I am a firm believer in teaching kids responsibility and that can be done from a very young age. My little guy is three and we have just started introducing jobs to him. He has been expected to do them for awhile now, but I really wanted to create a visual reminder for him. He can’t read yet, so a typical chart was out of the question. I started with clip-art but it just didn’t seam specific enough for me!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Acres and acres of lavender

Hello again from Natalie Loves Beauty! For this month's guest post, I thought I would share with you some new products I have been testing which I purchased from Bleu Lavande when I visited their Organic Farm in Stanstead, Quebec, located near the American border. It is Canada's largest lavender farm and second largest in North America, and this year marks their 10th anniversary. Not only do they offer a wonderful tourist attraction, but they also make their very own products that are available to the public on site or through their website. I am a nature lover so getting to see with my own eyes how lavender is grown was such a treat. I headed out with my family on a beautiful sunny day, and upon arrival we had a picnic-style lunch since we brought our own food, which they invite you to do as they have many picnic tables on the estate. They also have a quaint cafeteria which we later visited, where they even serve lavender beer (although I did not try it since I don't drink alcohol, but I was told it was very good).

After paying for our admission, we were greeted by a friendly tour guide who first screened a video indoors for us covering the history of the farm and how lavender is actually grown, cultivated and the oil extracted on location and also how this process has evolved throughout the years. With the harsh winter weather that we experience here in Canada, they have developed a very efficient method to cover the shrubs during the cold season, preventing the lavender plants from freezing, all without doing any harm to the environment. They do not spray any chemicals or pesticides on their plants, but instead use a tractor which sprays boiling water along the sides of the lavender shrubs to kill off any weeds and this is done daily (we even got to see the tractor in action!). We also learned that Bulgaria and France are also some of the world's top producers of Lavendula Augustifolia, also called true of fine lavender, basically lavender in its purest state, meaning that it hasn't been hybridized. We learned that the peak season is the second half of July, so we were just a couple of weeks short of seeing the lavender plants in full bloom, but that did not take away from the wonderful, soothing scent that came from the fields, which you can immediately take in upon arrival.

Acres and acres of lavender in the distance

They also have an indoor and outdoor boutique where you can purchase their products and they even sell potted lavender plants to grow yourself. Since my mom is the one with the green thumb in the family she naturally had her eyes on a new plant four our garden, while my sister and I indulged in some beauty care products. As we learned that day, lavender essential oil's main property is that it is extremely soothing - simply breathing it in can alleviate stress. It is also very powerful to relieve pain, and just a couple of drops applied on the temples is beneficial for treating migraines and headaches. It is also a natural insect repellent, especially good at keeping black flies away. My sister got the Bleu Lavande Essential Oil, a few Scented Pouches of dried lavender flowers (potpourri) to keep in her room for added freshness and aromatherapy, as well as the Intense Gel which is part of their body care line. I myself picked up the Bleu Lavande Hand Cream, their new Floral Water (great for makeup removal), the Antibacterial Gel and the Lip Balm.

Hand Cream and Floral Water
Antibacterial Gel and Lip Balm
I also recently bought this Jasรถn Lavender Natural Deodorant at my local health food store :)

All I can say is: I love lavender! If you would be interested in trying any of their products or visiting the Bleu Lavande Estate (now would be the perfect time - it is full bloom season!), make sure to check out their website here

Have you tried any lavender products? Which one of these products would you be tempted to try?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Eggs: Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

I love the Food Network and I found this eggtastic dish.  My family loves eggs and hashbrowns so this was a big hit at our table.  The original recipe was created by Ree Drummond and I just changed it up a little to fit what my family likes.

 6 cups frozen diced hash browns
 15 whole frozen steak fries
 Canola oil, for frying
 Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper
 4 tablespoons unsalted butter
 1 medium onion, diced
 1 green bell pepper, diced
 1/2 red bell pepper, diced
 1 1/2 cups diced ham or bacon (or both)
 1 1/2 cups grated  cheddar cheese
 2-8 large eggs

Salsa on the side

Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F. Fry the hash browns and steak fries in canola oil in separate skillets according to the package directions until golden brown and crisp. Season with salt and pepper. Drain on paper towels and keep warm.

Heat 2 tablespoons butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the veggies and ham/bacon; toss around for several minutes, until the onions are just softened

Now layer the hash browns, veggie-ham/bacon mixture and grated cheese in your skillet. Place in the oven for a minute or two, until the cheese is melted. Remove from the oven.

Place potato wedges over the top of the melted cheese, then top with the desired number of eggs you want and return skillet back into the oven just long enough to cook your eggs usually 2 to 3 minutes.  Add salsa as desired and eat.

This makes a fantastic meal anytime.
Give it a try.


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Brittany   Welcome to the 9th week of the Social Media Mixer, a brand new social media link-up started when the Weekday Mixer and Social Media Sunday joined forces. Thank you to everyone who joined us for Week 8 - we had 135 blogs and numerous social media link-ups!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Time to Link-up at The Chain Linky CLIMB

God’s Growing Garden
We are looking for wonderful Bloggers like YOU to cohost the August & September CLIMB!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Blueberry Dump Cake

I love blueberries so this simple and easy treat is the perfect summer dessert.  Soooo Easy.