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The Chain Linky CLIMB Party

God’s Growing Garden

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Welcome to the 5th week of the Social Media Mixer

A brand new social media link-up started when the Weekday Mixer and Social Media Sunday joined forces. Thank you to everyone who joined us for Week 4 - we had 141 blogs and numerous social media link-ups!
Social Media Mixer-2
The Social Media Mixer is all about networking and making connections. Also, you can gain exposure and increase your social media following! Link up your social media accounts and mix it up with some of the other linkers. Each week, the Weekday Mixer will start on Saturday nights at 8:00pm and go on until Thursday night at 11:59pm. One linker will be chosen each week each of the hosts and guest hosts and featured in the following week’s link-up! If chosen, a brief summary about yourself and your blog/website and all of your social media accounts will be featured. It’s a great way to stand out among the crowd!

Welcome your hosts!

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 Natasha from Epic Mommy Adventures | Angel from Sew Crafty Angel | Cathy from A Peek Into My Paradise | Teresa from Crafty Wife | Julia from Minivan Dreams | | Liz from Look by Liz Lewis | Kaitlyn from Three Sisters and Us | Shana from Technotini | Anni from Grapefruit Princess | Tiffany from Mrs Tee Love Life LaughterCe Ce from A Chicago Mom |  Jillian from Baby Doodah | Brittany from | Holly from Southern Mom Loves

Shana from Organized Chaos has left us due to personal reasons...we hope to have her back soon!

And welcome your guest hosts for July!

SMM Guests_062714
Bonnie from LadyBlogger | Chelsea from That's So Chelish... | Tara from Anything & Everything | Aysh from Words n Needles | Amanda from Old House to New Home | Krissy from Hot Commodity | Jen from Twenties Chic | Victoria from Giveaways 4 Mom | Maria from Simple Nature Decor | Breanna from Brepurposed

A big giveaway...

There's still a couple of days left in the So Happy It's Summer Giveaway...have you entered to win??
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We’re giving away $600 in Paypal cash + some more great prizes! Enter to win here! Untitled design (10)

And here are the Featured bloggers from last week's Social Media Mixer...

" has been on the Internet since 1999. It is a family website with crafts, recipes, tips, printables and old fashioned fun. Our website has grown and changed numerous times with the goal being to provide fun and smiles. Enjoy your visit and play with our toys – we don’t mind sharing!"
Immensely Social
"I am a creator, writer, and freelancer. I’m an avid learner who believes in constant expansion and growth. My goal in life is to inspire others to live the best lives they’re capable of. Happy lives of passion, purpose, and fun. This crazy, beautiful life is amazingly brilliant. I hope you will join me on my journey to love completely, live passionately, and have loads of fun in the process!"
Jenn's RAQ
"We are a homeschooling family and are actively involved in several groups to keep us sane and socialized! I stay at home with our children and have enjoyed being able to see those little lightbulbs go off when they learn something or acquire a new skill."
Structure In An Unstructured Life
20120708_3284-e1341781243942-204x300 (1)
"Welcome to Structure in an Unstructured Life! I am a full time working mom to two adorable and energy-filled boys, ages 7 and 4, and the wife of a football coach. As you can guess, life gets crazy and chaotic around our house at times! But being a lover of order, organization, and simplicity, I am constantly trying to find calm amidst the chaos! In the posts of this blog, you will find the ways I create structure in our often unstructured life. My quest for structure is intertwined with my quest for happiness, so besides meal planning and organizing tips, you will also find my thoughts on happiness, parenting, marriage, and life. Thanks for stopping by!"
Home Is Where The Heart Is
"Home Is Where The Heart Is is my personal blog on news and tips on many topics in every day life in the home. My two toddlers keep me busy. When I’m not also cooking, cleaning, or working, I love to take some me time and write. You can find me writing about kids, health, fashion, my favorite recipes, ways to make your home better, and so much more."
Life In the Wilde
image7-675x1024 (1)
"As a single mom, I have a VERY special bond with him and I just love watching him learn and grow. I am a foodie, and nutrition fanatic which leads to some serious “should I or shouldn’t I” anxiety. I work full-time as a Managing Director for a boutique staffing company. I love to write, blog and vlog. I am passionate about sharing my heart and story with strangers. Sounds weird but, true."
Pretty Thing and Co.
"Pretty Thing and Co. is a beauty blog written by two cousins looking to find the best in makeup, skin care, vintage markets, inspiration, diy’s from Richmond, VA all the way to Rome, Italy – and of course everywhere in between."
Tales of a Pee Dee Mama
"I'm a mama who lives in the Pee Dee. I blog about the many adventures that occur simply being a homeschooling mama to 5 small people."
Life's Little Projects
"My name is Amie Jo.  I married the man I’ve loved since I was 17.  I am a mother to 2 remarkable children.  I am a former teacher turned stay at home mom, and loving it, even when I am not.  I am so glad you are here.  What you will find here at Life’s Little Projects: You will find crafts and activities that you can do with your kids. Recipes that my family loves. Even the picky eater. DIY projects for you home as well as for kids. I will share things that inspire me, tips to make life easier, and a little about the craziness that goes on in my home. You will see pictures of my kids and others in my family but I have chosen not to show their faces to the whole world. I do hope that you understand. I am sharing a couple of pictures on this page so that hopefully my blog feels a little more personal. I also plan on sharing how real and messy life can be."
Simple Stitches by Rachelle
"I am: a professional photographer, a seamstress, a crafter, a busy mom to 6 children, religious, a blogger, an organizer, a singer & a volleyball player!"
I'm Not a Trophy Wife
"In late 2013, this little blog, my tiny corner of creativity, my therapy (taking place on a social media platform and not on a couch) started to gain national attention from a few (kind of) famous people and several national brands and companies. All of which had one thing in common: each found me and my writing style to be honest, creative and entertaining. Creating and managing content for brands on social media/and national websites is a great way to balance the contract driven demands of real estate and small business ownership. And, I love it!"

If you were featured above, feel free to share the badge below with pride on your blog or website!
Social Media Mixer
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Are you ready to start mixing it up?? Then, let's go!

Make sure to add the button below to your sidebar to invite even more people to join the fun!
Epic Mommy Adventures
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Sunday, June 22, 2014

He Restores My Faith In Humanity

Ir's so easy to get tired up in all the hustle in the world today.  So easy to look the other way
or cross the street to avoid someone who looks different from ourselves.  
I believe in God with all my heart but I often lose my faith in humanity.  
And then I see things like these .......

Helping others

Celebration and Giveaway: Cash & Prizes valued @ $334

3 Reasons to Celebrate 
 3 Prize Packs & 3 Winners!!! 
3 years by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo GiveawayTCG_zps998a35a4.jpg

Enjoy Social Media Mixer with Sew Crafty Angel

Welcome to the 4th week of the Social Media Mixer, a brand new social media link-up started when the Weekday Mixer and Social Media Sunday joined forces. Thank you to everyone who joined us for Week 3 - we had 126 blogs and numerous social media link-ups!
Social Media Mixer-2

Friday, June 20, 2014

It's a Happy Summer Giveaway

Although we've had our share of cold fronts, ice and snow storms this winter (and even right into the spring), it doesn't matter anymore's officially the first day of Summer!! Yeah!!
And to celebrate the 1st day of Summer the right way, my friends and I (pictured below) have come together to offer you an awesome giveaway!!!

We're giving away $600 in Paypal cash + some more great prizes!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party #21

               Welcome to the 21st week of 

 Wake Up Wednesday "Linky" 

30 Blogs  -  1 Party

We are so excited to have you all party with us.
Thank you so much to all those who participate in our party.
Last week we had  314 awesome linkups!   

 Wake Up and be happy, get excited and have fun with us! 
We want to be inspired, entertained, laugh and have a good time!

 The hop is hosted and posted on 30 different blogs

Life Gets Muddy

The skies began to darken 
and there was thunder in the distance.

Then the rains came and the day grew long and dreary.

The rain finally ceased but the water lingered.  
We were standing in our yard surveying the landscape; 
pools of muddy water were scattered.

Walking around you couldn't help but to step in water.
Our youngest was up past his ankles and looking mildly unsure of his footing.

Wow, what are you to do when all you see is muddy water everywhere?

Well, you might as well make the most of it, right?
Sometimes you just gotta get a little dirty.
Feel the squish of cool mud between your toes.
Hey, mud baths are expensive :)

Play in the mud with your kids.  
They are washable and will will have a blast!

The rain will make your flowers grow and the mud will help your fun grow.


Enjoy Life!


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Social Media Mixer @ Sew Crafty Angel

Welcome to the 3rd week of the Social Media Mixer, a brand new social media link-up started when the Weekday Mixer and Social Media Sunday joined forces. Thank you to everyone who joined us for Week 2 - we had XX blogs and numerous social media link-ups!

Social Media Mixer-2

Friday, June 13, 2014

Chain "Linky" CLIMB week #3

God’s Growing Garden

Slow Cooker Jerk Chicken Thighs

Sometimes I just draw a total blank on what to talk about. Honestly.

Hello there, again, Sew Crafty Angel Readers! It’s me, Christie with A Kitchen Hoor’s Adventures again to bring you yet another tasty post. If you like what you see, then make sure to stop by and read some more!

Then I sit and think back, in the deep dark recesses of my sieve brain, how did I come up with this one? And voila. A story is born; the story of these Slow Cooker Jerk Chicken Thighs.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

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