Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dead & Breakfast Inn

My kids are always hungry so I tried out this quaint little place that is close to home.
The name got my attention right away.  Dead & Breakfast Inn, too cute right?
A little different than the places we usually eat but the kids couldn't wait to see what was for lunch.

We ordered some appetizers but they were a little to chewy for my taste.  
The kids kept rolling their eyes and playing with their fingers which honestly was a little annoying.
I keep trying to teach them not to play with their food.

Then we all decided we wanted handwiches for lunch.  Oops sorry I meant
sandwiches, I was drooling a little when I spoke.  We were really hungry.
The meat was a little tough but it was a cheap meal so what would you expect.
Please understand that I'm not complaining it's just that in most of these little 
out-of-the-way places, you never really know what's on your sandwich.

For dessert we decided to have a platter of cookies; peanut butter and chocolate chip.
I think they might have been a little old.  I'm pretty sure there were spiders on them and I
thought I saw a mouse but it was probably just me being paranoid of trying some place new.

After lunch we decided to kick off our boots and stay a while.
Maybe we should've checked the slogan a little more thoroughly;

Dead & Breakfast Inn = people are dying to get in and they are served really fast for all meals.  Hmmmm?

See you for dinner,



  1. This Dead Breakfast Inn sounds like a lot of fun! The "handwich" definitely caught my eye. Love it!

  2. Ha! Angel, what a great post! You're a great writer, and this was SO much fun for Halloween! Thank you for sharing it with us at Treasure Box Tuesday- pinned!