Saturday, November 2, 2013

Co-Hosts Wanted

Would you like to be part of our CLIMB hop?  
We are seeking co-hosts who
are interested in true networking, not only to build followers but
to build lasting relationships.  Our hop runs for one full month.  
We believe that building relationships is very important to all of us.
If you are interested please read the information below and then get in touch
with Angel or Angie and we can discuss more in depth.

God’s Growing Garden
 photo ClimbIntro_zpse33b3737.jpg

If you co-host you will receive a free Weekly Sidebar Ad 
and your blog button will appear on both 
Angie's blog & Angel's blog! 
 This is our gift to you to say
 "Thank You" 
for your love and support.

Contact Angel @
or Angie  @
or leave your message in the comment section if you prefer.



  1. Id really like to co-host so I sent you an email Angel. I hope you will concider me as a co-host :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity!