Monday, May 26, 2014

Wonderful Day

I had a great Saturday!
I went out in the front yard to do a little flower work and there was a box on my porch.
Yea!!!  It was for me.! 
I tore into that box like a kid with a Christmas present.

I won this awesome kitchen set in a rafflecopter contest over at 
and I received my box of goodies today.  

Look at all these fantastic Betty Crocker pieces. 
I love, love, love it!
Thanks so much Jay, you made my day

Then I got into this awesome bubble battle with my little 2 /12 year old son.
My hubby got this great photo of momma falling on her butt.  
Ouch, that smarted just a tad, but totally work the oowie.

Then I went for a car ride!  Oh yea, momma's got it going on.
It's not that I'm to big, the car is to little.
But that little car can really go!

Once the boys were calmed down from a play day with momma
I got to go out and do some garden work in my new, totally awesome
garden apron that I purchased from 
Cheryl over at Sew Can Do.
Cheryl had made this apron as a post for her blog and has a wonderful tutorial 
if you would like to have your own garden apron.  Go over and check it out.
I fell in love with this apron and contacted Cheryl to see if she would sell it 
to me.  Garden play is so much more fun if you have a cute apron to wear, lol.
Thanks Cheryl for this apron.  I absolutely love it!

Then last but not least, fresh cheesecake with cherry topping with whipped cream
and fresh grated dark chocolate.

What a wonderful day!



  1. That's a great set! I'm looking for more kitchen utensils! Happy weekend, Angel! To a great week!

    1. Thanks for linking up with Countdown in Style!

  2. Lovin' that set! It's awesome when a great day happens!

  3. I love that apron! So cute. Looks like you had a great day!

  4. Hi Angel,
    These are some cool photos. The apron is very pretty. Thanks for sharing these.

  5. I love this post my sweet friend, it is filled with HAPPY! Wishing you many more days just like this one xo

  6. I found your blog via the Weekday Mixer! I followed you on Google+.

  7. What a great and special day! :-)

  8. I have some of those utensils. They're great quality. The apron is super cute and the time you had with your son looks like it was so much fun. Even though my daughter is 7, we still have fun like that and I cherish it because I know there aren't too many years left that we can enjoy it! Great post, Angel! :)

  9. Looks like you had a fun weekend Angel! Love that you get silly with your son - he will take those fond memories to adulthood and cherish them. Love the gardening apron and congrats on the Betty Crocker stash.
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  10. Love the apron and cheese cake, momma gat it going on lol. Thanks for linking up with us @countdown in style x


  11. What an awesome day! Isn't life great?

  12. That cheesecake looks so delicious! Oh and I love the Betty Crocker kitchen set. Congratulations on winning!

  13. Definitely sounds like a wonderful day! I love the play with your son and the gardening time! Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Countdown in Style!

  14. Love the bubble attack! So cute! Thanks for sharing on Whatever Wednesday on Thank You Honey!

  15. Wow, what a great prize! :-) Enjoy using it all, I know I would. Thanks for linking up with "Try a New Recipe Tuesday." Hope you can join us again this week.