Sunday, March 24, 2013

Snow Day

Hello Out There
Has anybody seen the sun. 
I'm snowed in and it's still coming down.  I'm so tired of snow. 
I long for sun on my face and warmth in the air. 
I want to play outside with Jacob without 10 layers of clothing.

Oh well, I guess I will have to live with it so Jacob and I made some chocolate loaf with extra chocolate chips and chocolate chip cookies and you all are invited to share them with us.

Do you want coffee or hot chocolate?

See you soon



  1. YUM!

    I have a couple questions for you...please email me at my blog email:

    I didn't see an email for you here on your blog, unless I'm just blind lol.


  2. Hi Angel!
    I feel bad, I'm complaining that it's still cold. At least we don't have snow! I'm so ready for warm and sunny! Coffee for me please! Then margarita's when the sun returns!

  3. Yummmmy!!! Looks soo delicious :) !

  4. Ummmph lovely! Coffee tastes great compliment with cookies.
    Wish you & Jacob a good day; spring is coming soon I guess.
    I only experience sunny & rainy day in my country :)

  5. Mmmm hot chocolate please : )
    Do you have the recipe for the choc loaf to share? It looks so yum!

  6. Sorry I can't drink coffee or hot chocolate.
    Hope the snow clears for you soon.
    It is Autumn (Fall) here in Sydney but we have been having hot summery weather with temperatures above normal. Hard to sleep at night.

  7. Hello Angel, also here the weather is really bad.
    And it seems that the coming days will remain so.
    The chocolate gladly take it
    Happy Easter..
    Buona Pasqua..

  8. First day of my son's spring break and it snowed here!!! He was excited but so many of our plans were cancelled. UGH! I am ready for spring but I think that we still have a few more snow storms. I just started following you :)

  9. Although it's still in the 40s/50s here in NC, I am so glad we hardly ever have snow! I love the sunshine!

  10. Coffee please, if there's any cake left. :)

  11. Hi visiting from the doing well blog hop. We got snow here in NJ but not much, I stayed in all day. Wish I had some of that yummy looking bread up there.

  12. We got around 9 inches of snow on Sunday and Monday. I just dropped by with DYWW blog hop. I am a hot chocolate person.

  13. This looks so delicious! Perfect for a cold day.

  14. It really is odd us keep having snow. Those cookies look yummy. Thanks for linking up with the Spring Carnival and visiting my blog.

  15. We have stolen the sun in Cornwall, hope to have passed some along by now?