Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Face :)

Hello Everyone,

I have a story I just have to share with you this morning.
We got up just like always with the dogs barking at the crack of dawn, normal.
We always gather in the kitchen and talk for a few minutes as a family before we begin our hectic day.  Again, just like normal.  So my husband goes to the family room to let the dogs out to do their business and I go to the counter to make coffee for everyone while my oldest daughter goes to the bathroom to do her business.  Nothing unusual here, right? 
I have a Keurig so I stand at the counter making everyone their favorite coffee with each favorite creamer flavor.  Sounds nice doesn't it; sitting around chatting with the aroma of your favorite coffee brewing in the air.  Ummm.
So everyone is busy doing whatever they need to do quickly so we can gather again and sip coffee. 
For some odd reason I have this bad habit of forgetting to close the fridge door while I'm making coffee, it's like I have a mental block or something for the door.  Anyway, the fridge door is open, and I hear the baby laughing as he is playing in the fridge.  Again, nothing out of the ordinary, I'm standing 3 foot away from him, so no big deal, right. 
I'm humming away lost in my own little world in my mind, baby is playing and giggling, life is good.   By the way, I have a big double door fridge with ledges at the bottom large enough for Jacob to sit on them.  Jacob loves to sit on the ledge and kick his feet when the door is open and talk to me about all the treasures he finds in there. 
 Oh yea, I forgot to mention that Jacob is starting to potty train. 
He's young but likes to try to do #2 the right way so we brought him a training potty. 
I come out of my morning daze and realize Jacob is grunting away instead of giggling now.
Oh, NO.  I turn around and you guessed it.  Jacob is doing #2 on the fridge ledge, and really appeared to be enjoying a good poop, he was wearing his happy face :) 
So I can honestly say that this is first for me.  I've never had anybody literally poop in my fridge before.  Life is good!   Needless to say, I will really work on closing the fridge door from now on.
Like I always say, I'm living the dream
Welcome to my world.


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  7. lol-oh my gosh. I am totally giggling and totally grossed out at the same time!

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  12. Hi Angel ..Thank you for sharing that wonderful memory making moment with us ..Did you take photo to keep for his 21st /18th party photo board? That's a wicked thought isn't it?
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