Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hello again,

Hope everyone is having a good day.  It's been rough here today.  Jacob had to get vaccinations again today.   I really hate those.  I'd forgotten how much you cry when your baby cries.  It's bad when the doctor has to give you both stickers to make you feel better.   

We're home now and Jacob is sleeping peacefully, all the tears dried.  He's such a beautiful little boy and I'm not just talking about physical attributes.  He's so kind hearted, he hugs and pats you if he thinks you're sad.  He shares his toys and his food without being asked, he just has a good nature. It breaks my heart when he cries those big ole tears.  I just want to grab him and run for the door and heaven help anyone who gets in my path.  It's that mother/cub scenario, don't mess with my cub.

However now that Jacob is happy and comfortable again I got my new Cuddlebug Cuties digi colored and my card designed.  Anna did a great job with Lacey.  She reminds me of myself and my daughter in her teen years.  I call them my hippie dippy years.   I love color as you can tell from my past cards. You should see my home, we have lots of vibrant colors everywhere.  I'm not afraid of rich wall colors , my bedroom walls are burgundy and beautiful.

Hope you like my Lacey.

Best as always


  1. Uh, I don't miss those babies years for that reason alone. I hated when they had to get needles. My 4 year old still needs one more and I'm procrastinating. She'll be fine, it's me. Sigh
    Love the colours you chose on your card-cute :)