Saturday, February 23, 2013

Baby Gate woes

Hello Again

Anybody out there got baby gates in use?  I hate these things.  Tonight I took my second baby gate related tumble.  I really hate these things, really.  In  May I managed to fall over one and ended up in the ER with 3 broke ribs, cracked tibia and bruised collar bone and a broken toe. After that incident I replaced all my baby gates with high quality gates because I worried for Jacobs safety.

Well, so much for safety. Tonight I tripped over my high priced baby gate and it came tumbling down on me.  I now have another broken toe and skinned up arm.  So let me say it again, I really hate baby gates.  Motherhood is a really dangerous line of work. I seem to have lost all ability to stand upright since Jacob arrived.  Apparently I just go around falling and seeing if I can survive motherhood, currently the bet on survival is 50/50.

Well, I feel better now that I've gotten that off my chest.  Tune in regularly to see if I win or loose the bet.



  1. lol-love your sense of humour!

    I hated the baby gates too and often tripped over them, so you are not alone.

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel though...your son will learn how to climb over them (driving you crazy, scared for his safety)then you'll throw them away figuring he is better off trying to navigate the stairs without it.
    lol. Hope your toe heals quickly!

  2. I hated those gates, too! Hang in there! I love your blog. Your newest GFC follower. :)


  3. Hiya! Adorable site! Newest follower from GFC Hop! Come visit me @ !-Ginger

  4. Oh I've been there too, lol. One time I thought (rather than take a moment to open the gate) I would climb over it!! Well being only 5" tall - I'm sure you can only imagine how I ended up. :-) Needless to say I never tried it again.

    Michelle E x