Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Copic Marker Holder

Hello Everyone

Today I needed to create something. 
I put together some things I had around the house and decided a new Copic Marker holder would be the project.  It was pretty simple really.  My finished product holds 88 markers. 
If you would like to make one below are the photos and a list of items you will need.

cardboard box, size of your choice
paper to cover the box, just choose your favorites in your stash
plastic grating that is used in lighting, you can purchase a large sheet at hardware for about $12
craft saw with 1/2 blade

Cut the paper to fit your box, let it dry for at least one hour so that it will hold together well since you will be handling it a lot when inserting the grating. 
Measure and cut the grating to fit inside the box, ie, boxes are not 100% even, so be careful with your measurements.  Grating ends are sharp after you cut them so be careful
Now glue the grating inside the box at your desired level.  I glued mine at 1 1/2 inches from the top
I had to put something heavy on the box to use pressure while the glue dried (I used 2 full peanut butter jars) hey, use what you have :)

That's it.  You have created a beautiful and decorative Copic Marker holder.
Hope you give it a try and have fun in making it. 
Best as always,



  1. What a clever idea! Great storage box!

  2. Fabulous idea my dear^_^
    Big hug,

  3. Wonderful idea! I love it! Hugs, Robin

  4. I love this. What a great way to organize.

  5. Hi Angel, This is such a wonderful way to organize markers. Thanks for sharing.
    Vickie follwing you from blog hop.

  6. Wow! What a neat idea...lovin' this!! Thanks so much for dropping by and linking up! Have a wonderful day!

  7. Cool. I'll have to see what I have around here. Question though...can you store the markers upright or should they lay flat? I have mine flat in a box but it would be so much easier upright...

    1. Hi Laura
      I have always kept my markers standing up so I can easily see the numbers when coloring. I've never had any problems, they always work great and I've used tons of Copics. I can't say for any other brand.

  8. This is fabulous! What a smart way to store your markers. I just throw mine into a bin in a drawer! :) New follower...found you through the hop.

  9. I don't have Copic markers, but I have loads of other scrapbooking supplies. Maybe this can be slightly revised for other storage. Hmmm.

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  10. I like the idea. Simple & very creative. Thanks for sharing :)

  11. What a great idea ~ Has many other uses too!

    Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  12. Fantastic idea, I hate digging around for specific colors!

    Thank you for linking up to Raising Imperfection!
    Make sure to check back on Friday to see if you were featured.

  13. What a clever craft, I like that could be used for my beads. thanks for stopping by Fairy Garden WW this week Fairy Gardens w/Linky