Monday, January 7, 2013

This week I've been working on the walls of my play area makeover.  The walls are up and painted.  Then I decided that some beadboard would look nice.  I had some reused pieces from prior projects over the years so I started with those and then purchased the remainder needed.
The wall below poses a little challenge with the water pipe coming into the wall.  Haven't figured out how to cover it yet, but you can see how the work is progressing.  You may notice that I've also painted the floor.  It's just to clean up the room until I decide on flooring but it does make it look nicer than the way is was.

Now meet my new best friend, the wonderful staple gun.  Another air tool I've had to learn to use.  This one is actually a lot of fun.  It is not as loud and scary as the big nail gun was.  It's been great for the beadboard and the trim.

Below is a pretty good photo of the walls.  So far I've purchased 2 gallons of paint, 6 packs of beadboard, 2 packages of contractor grade trim, brushes and roller wheels.  My cost so far is approximately $200 for supplies,  plus various toys I've purchased for the room. I'm at about $400 cost from my $429 start up budget.  
I'm planning to have another yard sale soon to fund my craft area makeover.

This has been a fun week.  I love seeing the room coming together.  I'm almost to where I can start on the craft/sewing room area.  Can't wait! 
I hope if you are reading this blog that maybe it will inspire you to take on a project that you've been wanting to tackle.  Why not? Who knows what you can create if you put your heart into it.  Hope you decide to go for it.  Until next time, be blessed in whatever you do.


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