Saturday, January 12, 2013

Computer shopping

Hope everyone out there is doing great.  Life around my house is never without things going on.  Today my daughter was shopping for a new laptop.  There are way to many to choose from.  I'd rather pay a little more than spend the amount of time it takes to run all over town searching out the best gigs and rams for the price.  It all sound like greek to me anyway.  My daughter is a computer geek and most of the time I don't understand what she is talking about anyway (relating to computers).   

I can feel that dazed and confused look coming over my face when the kids at computer counters start looking at me and asking questions, like what exactly are you looking for in a laptop?  My answer would be very simple.  I'd like it to come in a little black plastic casing that will bounce when dropped repeatedly and will remain totally functional, be able to withstand diet soda spills without smoking, and I'd like it to have a huge bright neon orange key that says "push me to turn computer ON stupid!".  That's pretty much my requirements.  My daughter on the other hand does not agree with my theory on purchasing requirements for laptops so it took us a lot longer to find the right one. 

Anyway she did purchase one and then we had to go through the ordeal of her wanting to show me all the features and describe them in geek language detail.  Don't get me wrong when I use the word ""geek", I have the utmost respect for computer wizards, I just don't understand a word they say.  She lost me right after she showed me the ON button.  She's happy with it so I'm happy.

We did have fun shopping with our little guy in tow. He's as cute as a button and a true woman magnet.  He dazzles women with a big smile and is 2 teeth and they just melt.  Everybody is always touching him and talking to him. We always have plenty of people to talk to when he is with us. When I carry him around the store I have to remind myself to check on his handhold for me, he likes to hold on to the center of my bra. This sometimes gives people a great view of my boobs, at my age that could either make you smile or give you nightmares.

Today of course he had a huge BM while in one of our stores, the oozing out of the back of the diaper huge.  Of course it's always a trip when you are trying to change your little one in the back of your SUV and everybody in town apparently wants to park right beside you, even if you are parked at the far end of the parking lot. I always feel like bank robbers or something.  My daughter Shelly stands close beside me as the lookout, Bug (what we call our little man) laying on his changing matt with both legs up in the air making as much noise as possible and grabbing at the poop between his legs and up his back and down his thighs and now on his hands which immediately goes to his hair and face, you get the picture. Anyway I'm trying to wipe him down when he really needs to be hosed off and people are going by and of course everyone is curious about what you are doing because you are trying to be discrete with your kids poop. Then you finally get him clean enough to put a fresh diaper on and as soon as you get the new diaper under him, before you can pull the tabs he pees and giggles relentlessly, what do you do? LOL. Living the dream. 

It was an awesome day.  Hope yours was good too.

God Bless,

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