Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hello Again,
I hope things have been going well with all of you out there.  It's been busy around my house.  I work harder now than when I actually went out to work every day.  Last weekend I had another yard sale to enhance my makeover fund.  This one was even more profitable than the first one. 
My net was $451.  God just keeps blessing my socks off!
I've been working a lot on the playroom area of my craft room.  So far I've got it painted yellow with white beadboard and white  trim.  Since I have a small one I actually double padded the flooring. The first layer is gray rubber tiles from Harbor Freight made for working in garages but also great padding. I spent more on the floor than anything attempting to keep the small ones safe as possible. The top layer I purchased 2 packages of alphabet letters from Toys R Us.  The flooring has cost me $150 and worth every cent.  The room is very bright and happy.  The kids love to play in it already.  I'm not done but you can see the progress. Jacob loves his big teddy bear.

I made each wall have a different theme. The one below is sports.  So far I've only spent $30 on this wall.  The picture is from Hobby Lobby while on sale for $20.  The other items also Hobby Lobby totaling $10.  I'm not finished with this wall yet, still looking for more items.

The wall pictured below is a Mickey Mouse wall.  I took colorful pictures from one of the childrens books purchased from Michaels for $3 and purchased photo matts for $8 total at Hobby Lobby
which look adorable on the wall.  Also at Michaels in the craft items I found these cute little figures for the wall for $5.  So far this wall has cost $16. I intend to purchase 2 large Micky posters, one for each side of the wall to complete this wall, which I will make frames from some thin wood pieces I have left from making a large spice rack for my daughter 3 Christmas's ago.
The fourth wall will be the entertainment wall but I have barely started with it.  I did need help from my husband mounting a TV yesterday.  It is a 42 inch model from Costco that my husband purchased for the room for his birthday which is tomorrow.  Isn't it funny how when you have small children around even puchases for your birthday are for them.  My husband is one of a kind. He's a good man and I'm blessed to have him.  He knows how much I love the kids and I love it when he does things like this.  Hopefully I will have pictures of that wall to post by the weeks end. 
Well that's my progress. I hope someone out there will get inspired to try their own project.
God Bless,


  1. Playroom is a great thing :) we don't have enough space in house for playroom and my son makes a big mess every day :D