Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Best Is Yet To Come

Frankly, I'm glad to get on with 2015.

I'm like millions of people that look back on the year and make resolutions of things I want to do or change in the new year ahead.  Today I've decided that this year I'm actually going to fulfill my New Year's Resolution.

Looking back on 2014
This past year has been so crazy that I truly don't know how I arrived at 2015.  Days became blurs that turned into months of the same.  Then the year was over.

Here is my typical day.

Time to get out of bed.

Starbucks drive-thru at 5:30 to start my daily intake of way to many cups of coffee

Start work at 6:00 
Then spend the next 10 to 12 hours running at the speed of light.  

5 minute healthy lunch

When finally 6pm rolls around take a second to catch my breath. 

I drag my exhausted butt out to my car and make the beautiful scenic drive home.
(In my dreams)


Now, finally home, my safe place, my refuge from the world, my quiet place.  Seriously?

Here I now become the wonderful mother who
rushes home to make a wholesome dinner for my family, (laughing hysterically now).





Once everyone is asleep I work on all the work I couldn't get down while at my job so that I can be ready for tomorrows work load that I will bring home tomorrow night.

Oh almost forgot, I'm on call 24/7 so normally there are 10 to 12 calls to deal with each night. 
So usually by midnight the calls end and I go to sleep.

4am awake stressing over everything

Ya gotta be kidding!

Do it all over again!!!!!!!!!!!

This has truly been my life.  I am a daughter of Christ.  I am blessed with a great job that pays me great money.  I have a wonderful family that loves me and a warm and welcoming home.  Unfortunately I have been going through life so fast that I'm not enjoying much of it.

So my New Year's Resolution is that I'm taking  my life back.  I don't have it all mapped out yet, cause let's be real, some things you have to work out as you go along.  Come back next week and see what plan I've come up with to make my resolution my reality.



  1. You poor baby! 12 hour shifts?!?!? Isn't that against the law? If it's not, it should be! How can you be at the top of your game if you're exhausted?

  2. I'm with you. But there are ways of taking back. I am taking back after years of messages that I didn't ignore. It's a process. I believe in your case it will also be a process, baby steps. But you are getting the idea and that is a great first step.

  3. Wow!! How do you manage?? I am only guessing that you get a few days off regularly to catch up and breath! There has to be time for creativity and working on your blog! You are amazing!

  4. I'm tired just reading this... you need more sleep. So much of the world needs more sleep. I hope you find a new path in 2015!!!

  5. Angel, I felt totally stressed reading about your schedule! I hope 2015 brings you some quiet, peaceful moments and let's hope the best is yet to come! Happy New Year!

  6. Stopping by from Sunday's Best. I can relate to everything you have posted here. I have vowed to take back my life in 2015 as well. I'm looking forward to hearing your plan. Thanks for sharing, and I have to tell you I was on the floor laughing. Great post.

  7. LOL what a fun day, advantage to 12 hour days is 4 days off, worth it anyway, sleep well

  8. I pray the Lord leads you to a more peaceful life!!

  9. Wow Angel!! Reading this gave me flashbacks. I know this has got to be difficult. I pray that you will accomplish your goal. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

  10. We can only thank such dedicated healthcare worker when we are in need. One of my brothers is an is a long 12 hour day. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  11. Wow, that looks really hectic! I hope you catch a breath in 2015!
    Wishing you beautiful, sunny and peaceful year :)


  12. Angel,
    Working in health care myself, i know where you are coming from....I laughed at the one comment above about 12 hours shifts being illegal!! Really!! Someone has been living under a rock, huh?
    I am also taking back my Life this year....... this ia a post about My One Little Word for 2015....

    I am sure you can relate....

    Happy New Year.....


  13. Here's to taking your life back. Take time to enjoy your life you only get one to live.

  14. Awww goodluck in taking your life back. Sending you hugs as well. Dropping by from

  15. It is good for all of us to take a moment to reassess and pull back. God will show you how. Thanks for sharing with the Thursday Blog Hop!

  16. 12 hours of work, followed by being available on-call for 24x7, and still being able to smile and make others smile through your wonderful blog, is amazing!! Kudos to you.

    The point I am drawing inspiration from you is on getting up early. I so need to do that!

    Tanya @Kreative Korner

    P.S.- You can find my New Year post here-

  17. I ♥ you! I know this routine all to well. Although I no longer have this routine it is a familiar one. Hugs and Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. xo

  18. Oh my! What a fun post. Pinned and tweeted. Thank you so much for being a part of our party. We really appreciate you! I hope to see you on tonight at 7 pm. Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

  19. Your life sounds very stressful! I remember when I had young kids and work and wore myself out! I pray that you can get a slower schedule :)