Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fun Craft Paperweight Project

Aloha readers of Sew Crafty Angel! I'm Debbie one of Angel's Contributing Angles (swing over and meet the other Angels) visiting from my home over at Heartbeats~ Soul Stains.

I hope everyone is having a great July. We are in the full swing of summer and enjoying the extra time to spend with the kids before they head back to school in August.

The kids and I started out making paperweights that then also became coasters. I thought it would be fun to share our little project with all of you over here on Angel's fun and ever so crafty blog.

Fun Craft Paperweight paperweight



  • Square tile- (can be picked up in the bath isles at a hardware store)

  • Felt- (any color you prefer, we used white since it's what we had on hand) cut felt pieces into squares, exact size of tile

  • Foam Glue

  • Mod Podge Gloss

  • Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer

  • Foam Brushes

  • a piece of copy paper with a saying, quote, picture or anything you would like printed on it. Cut paper a little smaller than tile (you want room around paper on all 4 sides when it's placed on tile)

paperweight materials

Let's Make This:

  • Place tile upside down (flat side/nice side down). Go around edges of tile and a little in the middle with foam glue.

  • Once you feel you have enough glue on tile place previously cut felt square on glue. Press gently so glue doesn't bleed through too much.

  • Turn tile over, place on paper or newspaper. This will be your work area. If glue has bled through the felt it may start to stick to the paper. Move it around once in a while just in case.

  • Put a good amount of mod podge gloss on a paper plate (you can always add more). With foam brush "paint" a thin coat on the nice/flat side of tile.

  • Immediately place the paper you have made to be your decoration (printed saying, scripture, picture, quote etc) on to the tile with the mod podge gloss on it.

  • Try and press gently avoiding making any bubbles or wrinkles in the paper.

  • On top of your paper that is now on the tile "paint" a light coat of mod podge gloss over the printed paper. Let sit for 15 minutes

  • Paint one more coat of mod podge gloss on top of your printed paper. It should be pretty well stuck by now. Let sit for at least one hour

  • Spray a very light coat of the mod podge clear acrylic sealer on top of your tile and picture. Let sit overnight.

paperweight supplies 2

Your project is now ready to be used and enjoyed. These can be made to be used for anything you feel like creating. If you decide to turn these in to coaster all you need to do is add little rubber "feet" on each corner.

There are no limits and I really think it's something that you can use to inspire others with something touching written or typed on top of. Have fun and be as creative as you'd like :)

Do you have a saying, quote, scripture or picture you want to make a fun craft paperweight with? Got someone in mind you want to make one or several for?


  1. I'm going to pin this one for sure! Love it, love it, love it!

  2. I bet you could even do this with a photo of kids for grandparents. I have never heard of foam glue... just wondering what makes it so good for felt? GREAT project!!

    1. I think it made it so it didn't bleed through like the other glue and it's what we had on hand ;) I want to try it for photos.