Friday, February 21, 2014

Revitalize Your Lips

  Hi I'm Natalie

Today I want to share a little beauty secret for your lips,

Winter is synonymous with having to combat dehydrated skin, and ours lips definitely tell us when they are in need of some extra TLC during this time of the year. I have always been a heavy lip balm user (to the point where there might be an addiction issue), especially during the colder months, but it's only in recent years that I have been using a lip scrub in my daily routine. I first tried a DIY recipe using olive oil, sugar and honey which was super easy to make, and although it provided satisfying results, I thought I would give a store-bought one a try to see how it would compare. When I went to Lush and tried their Mint Julips lip scrub (reviewed here), I just loved it so much that I never went back to the homemade version.

This time around I decided to try Lush's Popcorn lip scrub (or Baiser Soufflé in French), and once again it has left me super impressed! At first I was a little concerned about not liking the popcorn flavor, but it's actually not a straight-up butter flavor, but more of a sweet and salty one (and as with all of Lush's lips scrubs you can totally lick the scrub off your lips as it contains all-natural ingredients). I simply scoop out a small amount from the jar and rub in against my lips for about 30 seconds or until they feel nice and smooth, and then just lick the remainder off. If ever I forget to apply the scrub before bed, the next morning my lips don't feel as smooth, even if I applied a heavy balm the previous night!

I would highly recommend trying Lush's lip scrub if you haven't already, they cost $9.95, and although it sounds like a lot for a lip scrub, it stays good for 14 months and each of these little jars of goodness have lasted me ages (over a year to be exact), which is amazing considering I now use a scrub every single day!

Thank you so much Angel for letting me guest post on your blog! If you enjoyed reading this post, you can visit my blog at - there you will find many beauty reviews on some of my holy-grail products, and of course much, much more! :)

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