Friday, February 14, 2014

Blogger Opportunity @ Sew Crafty Angel

   Together Again!

My friend Katherine from Katherine's Corner is having a March Giveaway and is looking for some awesome sponsors.  There will be a $100 Gift Card from Print Keg plus Paypal Cash. Take a look at the information below and we hope you will join the party with us. Giveaway will post on March 7th, 2014.

Thank you for being part of a group giveaway at Katherines Corner I am happy to have you join in the fun.
Stats-Katherines Corner has over 20,000 followers (happily growing every day) and a giveaway every month (sometimes two). Giveaways typically run for about 3-4 weeks at a time giving plenty of opportunity for exposure and visits to your blog and social sites.  I promote the giveaways well and ask that you help promote the giveaways too for shared success. I am happy to share that most of my giveaways are also sponsored by familiar brands. Katherines Corner has a relationship with and others.  
Your sponsorship is part of the paypal cash group prize portion of a giveaway.
Please fill in the form below and email it back to me at
I look forward to having you as a giveaway partner.
Please make your buy in choice below just put an x next to your choice
Free blog link and one social link $10                      
Free blog link and 2 social links $15                         
Free blog link and 3 social links $20                         
Free blog link and 4 social links $25                         
One Mandatory follow link no social links $50      
Your Name   
Your email address
Blog Name   
Blog Url    
Please do not include any google plus links-google plus does not allow follows/likes via giveaway entries and will close an account that has such activity.
Social Link     
Social Link     
Social Link    
Social Link     

After you have made your buy in selection kindly send your payment promptly via PayPal. Contact Katherine @
I will provide you with all of the giveaway details, launch date, images, etc.
Thank you for joining me as a giveaway sponsor and for your bloggy friendship.  

Hugs, Katherine

Big Hugs from Angel - Happy Valentine's Day

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