Sunday, May 5, 2013

$600 Cash Giveaway

Hello Friends

I am so happy to be a Sponsor in a huge give-away with What Jean Likes.  If you would like to enter the Birthday Cash Giveaway or become a Sponsor then please, read on.

Two years ago in May I started blogging on What Jean Likes.  I had the blog name for years (since 2008, I think), back when I had an idea but was so busy running my other site that I never did anything with it.  After I quit my job as a beauty blog writer/editor/photographer, I decided to take a break but missed blogging so much... I decided to write about a large array of things I like so I came here and sporadically posted every few months when I had time, no biggie.

Over the last year or so I really started actively posting here, finding my voice and sharing the things I like with this blogosphere.  My blog has grown so very much and I want to do something super special not only to celebrate my bloggy birthday, but to thank all of you for being a part of the family and sticking with me through it all.  Did I mention I'm having a 50% off sale on all ads for my site in May to celebrate?  Just enter the code: MAY at checkout to get half off ALL ads!!  Sponsor & Advertise

I am putting together a cash prize for one lucky winner of at least $600.  I get tons of emails asking me about how to do giveaways, how to find giveaways to get involved with and so on.. I thought, what better opportunity to allow others to chip in, help this prize grow and get new followers along the way?  If you want to be part of this giveaway, I'm accepting sign ups now.  Giveaways are an amazing way to get followers, I've gotten tons of followers by hosting or co-hosting several giveaways.  If you'd like to buy links into the rafflecopter prize widget (which will be mandatory follows for anyone who enters the contest), you can do so below.
Here's how it works:
1 link = $10
2 links = $20
3 links = $30
and so on..  OR

If you would like to co-host this giveaway which will get you a top spot in the giveaway post and in the rafflecopter widget.  This includes 3 mandatory follow links and 2 extra follow links for $40.  If you choose this option, it's only $40.  Nothing more, nothing less. Sorry I forgot to specify that and got questions in my email about it.  Co-hosting is a flat $40 rate.

ALL the monies received for this giveaway will go to the winner.  If I get more than the $600, then the giveaway will be much larger and will get a TON more traffic.  If I don't get enough to make the $600, I will put the rest of the money up myself.  I want to make this a fun and easy way for people to enter.  This giveaway will be featured on my blog regularly for two weeks and will also be mentioned in the Aloha Friday Blog Hop email every week that goes to over 1,000 people.  Super fun and easy way to celebrate and get followers. 

This contest is open to anyone in any country (open internationally).  Payment will be made via PayPal.  No companies are sponsoring this giveaway (I get asked that a lot), it's just something I wanted to do for all of you.  I have other giveaways coming up this week with Blogs Jean Likes and my April Sponsors Team Giveaway as well!!  

You can sign up below or click this link to go to the form to sign up: May Giveaway Sign Up Form.  Get in on this now because I want to have it live on May 15th so enter now so I can set it up and code it and get it all ready.  I will stop accepting entries/contributions to be part of this giveaway on May 11th.  


  1. Love this!!! I also followed you back on Blogloving. Have a Simply Heavenly Sunday!!! :):)

  2. Here from the bloglovin' hop! Please feel free to join my monday hop! It's a lot of fun!

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  4. Hello, came accross an honorable mention to you, Menopausal Mother and myself. Thought I needed to let y'all now. Come check it out and tell her Deezy from Deezy Does It sent you :-)
    xx xo