Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday Inspiration #17

Welcome to some


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  It's been soooo hot here that we spent most of our time in the pool or under a shade tree.

So, let's get Inspired

This week I am sharing 

Farmhouse Vegetable Stand
Re-do It Yourself Inspirations
I found this blanket rack at a local flea market and was determined to flip it into a farmhouse vegetable stand for our kitchen. Especially now during the peak of garden season. Imagine a veggie stand... farm style in the kitchen. Crazy fun, isn't it?

Walking on Sunshine
My family LOVES Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  We have consumed a lot of  peanut butter cups over the years.   My husband and son love to enjoy them straight from the freezer most of the time.
 I found many recipes on Pinterest to make homemade peanut butter bars and even saw a few videos floating around Facebook showing how easy it was to make this no bake recipe.
I finally broke down and made some for my husband as an early Valentine's Day treat.

Forge Your Own Path: 6 Ways to Make DIY Concrete Stepping Stones
Garden Therapy

Making your own concrete stepping stones is a way to create functional art for the floor of your garden. Stepping stones are necessary for being able to move throughout the garden without disrupting the soil but they also create focal points and structure, and add a little bit of personality! Learn how to use concrete to make six different kinds of DIY concrete stepping stones for your garden pathways.

Outdoor Portable Beverage Bar Cart
The Interior Frugalista
When Mr. Frugalista, a.k.a. my furniture buyer saw this wooden lattice tiered table online he asked if I would be interested. Heck ya! For a couple of years, I've been wanting a small portable beverage bar cart for our deck and this would fit the bill perfectly.

This hairstyle has quite a few steps, but in all honesty they are very simple to execute. I’ve taken step-by-step photos to show you exactly how I achieved this look so you can easily replicate it next time you want a messy braid up-do. The beauty of this style is you can make your own modifications to it to make it truly unique. Use all fishtail braids instead of normal, use more twists instead of braids, the options are literally endless!

Chocolate Tiramisu
Don't Sweat The Recipe 
Chocolate tiramisu, you say?  Yes! I adore all things chocolate and all things COFFEE! Who doesn’t?  Well, if you don’t then you might want to skip this recipe. I used lady fingers this time because I didn’t want to heat up the kitchen and I wanted a quick dessert. You know one of those recipes that gets you out of the kitchen fast.  This is the one. But if you want to make your own genoise try this recipe.

How to Get More from Pokestops on Pokémon Go
A Mother Thing
The latest Pokémon Go craze has everyone out and about, trying to catch ‘em all! Pokéballs are necessary to catch these creatures, and you start with a few once you sign up for an account. But how do you get more Pokéballs?

Decadent Crockpot Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe
This Mama Loves

I don’t know that I can or will ever forget the first time I tasted a chocolate lava cake. It was love at first bite. My mom loved them too- and she wasn’t a big chocolate fan (key lime was her thing, for sure!). Making the chocolate lava cake in the crock pot may seem like a slow torture because your house will smell like you are in chocolate heaven all day long but oh, is the wait ever worth it. Ooey, gooey, chocolate amazement awaits.

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