Sunday, June 12, 2016

Monday Inspiration #8

Welcome to some


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  It's been soooo hot here that we spent most of our time in the pool or under a shade tree.

So, let's get Inspired

Welcome to my Patriotic Front Porch!!
I know I just recently shared my front porch after I finally was able to plant all my annuals........

And now I have it all decked out for Memorial Day!!

Creating a bee-friendly garden means more than just planting flowers. You certainly want to attract them with gorgeous blooms, but while they are in your garden you will want to give them a place to collect water: a pond, fountain, or a bee bath. A bee bath is easy to make and care for in your home garden, and it’s a nice touch to set out for your pollinating guests. After all, without those busy workers in the garden, you wouldn’t have as many beautiful blooms or fresh vegetables and fruit to harvest.

When I first started dating my husband, my tastes were pretty sheltered. (Actually, I was a vegetarian when I met him, but that is a post for another day.) I stuck mostly to “American” cuisine, Italian food, and occasionally very mild Mexican. Alex has since introduced me to a variety of different foods and I would consider us a “foodie” couple – we’ve driven 27 hours just for barbecue in Austin and often drive up to two hours one way for food.

On Listening Better
Barbara Isaac

The hardest part of listening better is not taking better notes, nor it it the ability to repeat word for word what was said. The hardest part of listening better is the only part that matters: do it on purpose.

Blueberry Cake Mix Cobbler Recipe
3 boys and a dog

By now you know that I am all about making something delicious very easily! I love to make recipes from boxed cake mixes because all of the dry ingredients are pre-measured, pre-sifted, and pre-mixed!  This Blueberry Cake Mix Cobbler Recipe is a favorite eaten almost right out of the oven AND it makes the entire house smell so delicious!

Deep Roots at Home


I’m Susan, imperfect wife, mother, and lover of Jesus!
I am a girl learning to love to do what must be done, and finding that grace is more beautiful each day!
When did we stop liking children? Seriously? Can anyone put their finger on it?

BBQ Cupcakes
A Mother Thing

I can NOT wait to share these with you. I have been working on so many themed cupcake posts lately, and this one is far too cute to keep to myself. It is the absolutely PERFECT dessert to go with SO many occasions. Obviously, Memorial Day is coming up, and BBQ season will be in full force. These would ROCK for that. Father’s Day is just around the corner, and I guarantee a box of these would make any dad smile. July 4th? BAM! And Labor Day? The perfect end to the summer.

Peaches and Cream Ice Cream Bars
A Proverbs 31 Wife

Summer is almost here. While we’ve had a strange spring, things are definitely warming up and that means time to cool off. Nothing says summer like peaches and ice cream, so how about this recipe for Peaches and Cream Ice Cream Bars!

These popular mini pies are perfect for summer parties and easy to assemble. We served ours alongside Gourmesso coffee to end off a perfect evening.

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Thank you for visiting and I hope you found something that Inspired you.
See you next Monday, same time, same place for more inspiration.


  1. Angel,
    Thanks so much for featuring my post on Monday Inspiration!! I will be giving you a Shout Out on Google + and in my next post!! Thanks again! I so appreciate it!!


  2. Wonderful Monday inspirations! I look forward to reading them each week!

  3. The Peaches and Cream Ice Cream Bars look awesome!

  4. Your "Patriotic Front Porch 2016" looks amazing. You must have put so much time and effort into it!! Love it!!

  5. These are really great inspirations! I especially like the Peaches and Cream Ice Cream Bars recipe from A Proverbs 31 Wife.

  6. I love the bee bath! Your things all look amazing!

  7. So love the ay you've decorated your porch. Great theme for teconventions 😊

  8. Wonderful recipes! I want to make them all!

  9. Aren't Mason Jar Lid Pies the cutest things ever> I will have to make them sometime.

  10. Great inspirations. The Blueberry Cake Mix Cobbler recipe looks amazing!

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  12. I love the bee bath idea. I'm going to have to work on that tomorrow!

  13. So many great ideas! I love the box cake mix bb cobbler as I have picked tons of blueberries and plan to head into the woods for more. I think the mini pies would freeze well too.

  14. I love the Monday inspiration post. Monday is the hardest day of the week for me to get started. I especially liked the recipe.

  15. That cobbler looks amazing! Just great ideas :)

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  16. The Peaches & Cream Bars & Jambalya sound wonderful! Can't wait to make both of these for my family!

  17. Great features. Some of those recipe look yummy

  18. I love the Bee Bath. Never thought to give Bee's water before.

  19. The peaches and cream ice cream bars look absolutely delicious! I love your page!

  20. The peaches and cream ice cream bars look absolutely delicious! I love your page!

  21. Those Barbecue cupcakes are adorable!! I look forward to trying those out!

  22. Those Barbecue cupcakes are adorable!! I look forward to trying those out!

  23. This is such a nice Linky. :) It's really hot and icky here right now so those peaches and ice cream bars look very yummy.

  24. This is great. I love the mini pies. I went and got stuff for them today.

  25. Love the inspirations! This will definitely help me get through the coming week. Thank you for sharing.

  26. These are all fantastic inspirations! Thank you for sharing. :) I absolutely must make a Bee Bath now, what a great idea!!

  27. The porch looks great I have say the recipes are wonderful on here have to try them thanks

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