Sunday, August 2, 2015

Jelly vs. Jam

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Many people today do not know the difference between Jelly & Jam - this is most likely because not many people do their own preserving anymore.  Last month I talked about the Basics of canning and today I will be talking about the difference between Jelly & Jam in my 17th "Contributing Angel post" (Thank you  again to my friend Angel for allowing me to contribute to your amazing blog!)

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Jelly is made from juice or syrup that is initially boiled down & extracted from crushed fruit.  Therefore, you will not find any seeds in jelly making jelly the preferred choice for anyone with diverticulitis (or other intestinal issues)(again - I'm NOT a doctor - please see my disclaimer at the bottom of this post).  It is also the preferred choice for anyone with expensive dental work or dental issues.  This also means that making jelly has an extra step and takes a little longer to make than does jam.

A few Jelly Recipes from my blog
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Personally I prefer jam because it has a little more substance to it but both jelly & jam taste delicious - especially when homemade.  You can easily see the difference between jelly & jam in the picture below:

You can see the seeds and pieces of fruit in the jam on the right and the jelly on the left is clear with no bits of fruit.

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Jam is made from crushed fruit and always has pieces of the fruit.  You can see parts of the cherries, peaches and seeds from the blueberries in the various jams shown above.  (The chunks of fruit have been cooked and are therefore spreadable).

A few Jelly Recipes from my blog

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  1. I've wondered about this but never taken the time to understand the difference. I prefer the jam, but I can certainly see that there are some situations where jelly is the better choice. It all looks good as I sit here at breakfast!

  2. I always make several batches of dewberry jam when they're on the vines here in the late spring. We haven't had to buy any in several years now. My kids like it so much better than the stuff from the store, too. I say every year that I'm going to try making some jelly, but I never have the patience to try!