Monday, September 8, 2014

Blogger Opportunity with a Christmas CASH Giveaway!!

The seasons are changing fast.  This means the holidays are just around the corner and it's time to start preparing for the Christmas holiday!  That means it's time to start thinking about Christmas in Blogland,  so I thought maybe we should start the season off with a HUGE GIVEAWAY!  I'm talking HUGE, BIG, FANTASTIC, AWESOME!!!

Join my Blogger Opportunity!  It's a Christmas CASH Giveaway Event and I would LOVE your help.

Giveaway to run November 1st - November 22nd  with the winner receiving their cash on Black Friday so they can start shopping for the Christmas Holiday.

My goal is for $1000 CASH GIVEAWAY.  Of course I'm hoping for a huge turnout of support which will make the amount large and increase the traffic to all of our blogs.

I need you to join me to make this happen!  So please take a look at the information below and I hope you will join me in the fun and help someone out there have a very Merry Christmas.


Paypal Giveaway will be open to everyone 
that has access to a Paypal account to receive their winnings.
I am donating the first $50 to get the giveaway going.

Links are $5 each
and to Co-Host is only $25
which buys you 5 links in the Rafflecopter

This Giveaway will be promoted heavily on many media sites.

Deadline to sign up is October 22nd , 2014
  Please fill out the form below today and celebrate with me.

My blogger email is: 
if you wish to contact me with any questions.

Thank you for your love and support throughout this past year.  
I look forward to many more bloggy years of sharing with you.

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