Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bloglovin' Hop @ Sew Crafty Angel

Don't forget to register to win $850 in my Birthday Giveaway.  Only a few hours left.

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1.  Follow your host, co-hosts, and sponsors.  
2.  Enter your Bloglovin' link in the hop below. Be sure to manually upload a picture from your phone or computer.
3.  Visit a few other blog hoppers and show the love!
4.  ENTER THE GIVEAWAY! It's going on ALL month!  I'm celebrating 1 year of hosting this hop and you will love the prizes!  Who doesn't want a cute Kate Spade wallet?!
5.  Tweet and share!


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  1. Happy Birthday and thanks so much for hosting!!!

  2. what I'd do with the 850$ ?
    pay my car repairs so I can get back on the road =)
    long time without heading out for a full cupboards shopping trip ! ty for the opps to enter..

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! :) . And I'd pay off my last credit card, so I have a zero balance. Had to fix my car and I'm almost done paying it off! Would love to be able to just get rid of it

  4. Hey Angel! I was able to make it over, but I made a boo boo, lol! I was doing more than one thing at a time and linked up my blog post instead of my Bloglovin' link. I tried to delete it, but I'm unable to. I'll resubmit the Bloglovin' link and you can disregard the 1st link. Also, can't forget to tell you "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"!! Hope this is one of your BEST yet Angel...ENJOY your special day my friend!!

  5. Thanks for hosting Angel :) Love linking up, glad to participate in the birthday giveaway too!