Friday, August 9, 2013

Teen Beach Movie

Awesome movie. 
Jacob absolutely loves it.  
It offers a lot of dance numbers that the kids have learned quickly. 
Ross Lynch & Maia Mitchell are wonderful.
Fun, clean, very active.

My toddler Jacob loves the music.  We've had this movie
for about two weeks and, so far, I've had to watch it 26 times.
I'm not kidding!  The kids love it!
 Everybody starts dancing to "Cruisin for a Bruising"
It's just to much fun watching the kids dance.
Yes, Momma dances too.

You've gotta see this movie.
Which Teen Beach Movie girl are you? Take the quiz here!

Viewers ages 1 to 14 will be able to relate to “Teen Beach Movie,” partly because of its similarities to “Grease,” the enduringly popular 1978 musical about high school life in the ’50s. 


Surfing "best day ever!"
File:Teen beach movie trailer capture 06.jpg

Dancing on the beach

Rival gang "the Rodants"

"Cruzin for a Bruisin"

Garrett Clayton, who plays the heartthrob Tanner, a “mannequin with six rows of teeth,” in the words of one character, bears a striking resemblance to Zac Efron, who formed the gooey center of “High School Musical.” 
Teen Beach Movie McKenzie | Teen Beach Movie": Bikers vs Surfers Trailer | Young Hollywood News ...

Teen Beach Movie McKenzie | ... - Teen beach movie trailer capture 102.jpg - Teen Beach Movie Wiki

BikersvsSurfers 25

“Teen Beach Movie” also comes with empowered modern girls who bristle at the antiquated views on gender roles in “Wet Side Story.” 
maia mitchell teenbeach movie photos | ... Lynch & Maia Mitchell: Teen Beach Movie Trailer! | Just Jared Jr



  1. Sounds a really fun time is had by everyone! Just love this sort of movie - even as a wrinkly 72+. Just wouldn't be able to keep up the pace, I suspect! Thanks for sharing the pics and plot.

  2. It looks cute ... sounds like a movie that Reagan would dance to!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  3. Betcha my teen would love it. :)

    I'm visiting today from Super Sunday Sync.

    1. Hi
      Everyone seems to really enjoy this movie. It really is too cute.

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  5. So glad I'm not the only one who likes that movie! I've probably seen it just as many times. My 4 & 6 year old love it and watch it a lot. And once they do, I end up with the songs stuck in my head all day. And I don't even mind!

    1. Hello,
      Glad you got to see the movie. I walk around singing the songs also. I occasionally burst out dancing. My kids think I've lost it.

      PS: I love your blog. I'm your newest Bloglovin follower.

  6. Hi, my daughter recorded this movie on our dvr. She loves it. I watched it with her. It is a little silly in places, but the music and dancing are fun to watch. Thinks for stopping by the Sunday Sync hop today. :) Followed you back on Bloglovin.

    1. Hi Mary
      I thought this movie was adorable. Glad you got to see it too

  7. I kinda wanted to see that, even though my kids are one and four and it isn't on their radar! It just seemed fun.

    1. You should watch it. It is really good. I love it, all 37 times now. Lol

  8. When I saw this, I kept thinking of high school muscial!